“The point is this: When we understand the scale of the mega crisis, we realise there is nothing that can be done about what is going on within the old system of behaviour and belief. You cannot stop an evolutionary shift that is encoded – much like the stages of fetal development are encoded into the embryo’s genetic material – into the whole system process of a living planet like the Earth. The only meaningful response to such a transition as is now occurring is to shift our consciousness to meet it. And this is precisely the prescription that augments and affirms the coming of the noosphere.
When we extend our awareness and shift our consciousness to encompass the full meaning of this evolutionary shift, we can begin to retrain ourselves – refocus our psychic energies and redirect our practical actions – to come into alignment with what a noospheric civilisation, a holistic and holomonic planetary culture will, of necessity, be like. We can begin to live the “new time” before it arrives, and by doing this, prepare the way for others.”

-   José Arguelles / “Manifesto for the Noosphere”   -

Why do humans still have to defend that which is alive, healthy, beautiful and sacred against their own destructive behaviour and actions?
Unsustainable, ineffective and linear resource extraction practices as well as active destruction of the planet’s biosphere are symptoms of the limitations in consciousness and related misunderstandings about the mechanics of the universe that a self-aware species has to transcend in its evolutionary development in order to move from adolescence into adulthood and to survive and thrive long-term.
Mankind finds itself in the middle of a major evolutionary inflection point and right at the cusp of a profound worldview shift. The collective state of consciousness is rising to new levels, in resonance with larger-scale cycles of the planetary, solar, galactic and universal fractal scale activity.
The turbulences on the event horizon of this world are symptoms of this phase transition into higher potential.
Humanity’s collective consciousness is still struggling to transcend lower levels of awareness which expresses itself in mindsets of scarcity and separation, conflict, force, domination, suppression and control.
The human species has excluded itself from the definition of nature and is trying to re-awaken from a state of collective amnesia to its own self-identity and higher possibility. The way forward in this evolutionary learning process is to both remember and further awaken to greater potential and to respond to the planet’s natural ascension process by means of evolving in consciousness as a species. This evolution in the nonlocal morphogenetic field of consciousness comes with the unlocking of creativity and the discovery of real and beautiful but still widely unknown solutions that present themselves to mankind and that are perfectly capable of solving the challenges this world has been facing for a long time.
The collective human Self is rising to its higher potential, and the collective human Ego, feeling threatened by this Self-empowerment, is forcefully trying to hold on for dear life as it is increasingly loosing ground and control in this process of the transcendence of duality.
Ultimately, force will not withstand power. This is universal law.
This process of collective phase transition is reflected in the increasing intensity and turbulence on the event horizon of this world. It is facilitated by larger cosmic occurrences and correlatable to natural rhythms and fractal fluctuations connected to this planet (e.g. Schumann Resonance), the solar system (solar activity/ cycles), the galaxy (activity of the galactic center/ black hole) and beyond.
The present level of unconscious and inert collective human Ego, being the sum of all lower frequency, programs and conditioning in human consciousness that are externally expressing themselves as ineffective, dysfunctional and limiting systems, reactive forces, life-opposed programs and rigid structures of a self-obsoleting and crumbling world paradigm, desperately tries to resist the change with all the force of resistance that it can muster. It wants to cling on to its old approach and identifications and continue driving to absoluteness the entrenched, small ways and views of division, dominance, denial and control, no matter how obviously limiting and hopeless that trajectory and paradigm is, Within the powerful environment of a profoundly awakening and transforming world the inert parts of human conciousness may also be likened to a cornered, weakened and wounded animal that feels existentially threatened in its loss of power and control. It turns to self-defense with ever more force, dangerously and beastly flaring up once again to try and intimidate, threaten and lunge out with all the remaining reserves that it has left. Mostly subconsciously, but partially also in an awareness and recognition of what is imminent, the human Ego's response to the situation is to continue frantically re-acting out its negative and linear mindsets at dystopian levels and resisting the surrender and integration of itself into life as long as it can. In this linear mode of reactivity, it keeps on expressing and playing its role in the process, As long as it can and will, its greatest nodes of resistance try to fight, choke, suppress, hold back, target, kill and destroy as many signs and expressions of living memory and truth in the world as it can; everything that supports and facilitates the unifying power of collective awakening to higher Self, to the reality of infinite interconnectedness, the rising to a world of higher potential and further realization of unity consciousness. By definition of doing so, the Ego's destiny is to eventually exhaust itself and run out.
Wild nature is one of those bright and beautiful awakening agents and constant reminders of universal interconnectedness, truth, real and limitless power and thereby in the way of and of no vaue to the egoic and self-destructive paradigm that views the universe through the lens of force, separation, competition, conflict, dominance and control; the lens that is the farthest removed from the truth about reality.






 Whenever faced with the friction of differences and the appearance of divisions on one's event horizon, remember that there is only ONE continuous phenomenon happening at the foundation of reality. One unified field of consciousness, one continuous and infinite field of the electromagnetic ocean of spacetime, that IS everything, CONNECTS everything, is phasing in everything and that is informing and giving rise to ALL perceivable and non-perceivable physical phenomena called reality; including all feelings, thoughts, things and beings in the infinity of the cosmos. This one evolving field of the cosmos expresses itself at infinite fractals as a continuous self-informational feedforward-feedback toroidal energy process throughout the integrity of infinite localities and phenomena, qualities and boundary conditions that mankind terms physical reality. Human consciousness has evolved to the organisational complexity of self-awareness and thereby currently finds itself as a relatively highly equipped expression and large potential of this infinite field within one local reality of theis very field that it calls “universe”. While finding itself with this relatively newly acquired feature of self-awareness at a relatively big fractal organisational and experiential distance to the foundational quantum levels of this universe, its current destiny is to learn to master an awareness, understanding and engineering of exactly this foundational, holofractographically organised and infinite consciousness field of the Cosmos.
Under certain conditions and due to the organisational distance to this source, the perceptual mental illusion of physical separateness from other things, beings and the cosmic field as a whole can become a developmental symptom, stimulus, challenge and recurring pitfall for a species that has reached the threshold of self-awareness and is walking the path of learning to further develop and master this level of informational processing and consciousness potential. This learning and mastering process can involve the experience of confusion about self-identity while exploring the field from the newly acquired level of self-awareness and informing a way to re-member, re-enlighten and re-orientate within this new mode of experience to the real, all-unifying, infinite and non-local existence-identity of source consciousness at the root system of reality. By increasingly using the self-empowering tool of free will that comes with self-awareness, the species may reinvest the consciousness that it gains to further explore and develop this very faculty of individuated consciousness in an ascension process which involves critical threshold moments and phase transitions. In such ascension processes and phase transition moments it aspires to leave behind the remaining and increasingly intolerable relicts and inertia of former frequencies of awareness that no longer resonate with the destined new phase, potential and frequency of more empowered and complete levels of self-awareness. A successful effort to move through such phase transitions, past the interference and noise of disassociating itself from and letting go of the lower frequencies, perceptual limitations, patterns and illusions of former levels of awareness, will be mirrored by the field as a coherent informational set of feedback. This communicates itself in the form of arriving at and entering into phases and states of harmonic resonance, coherence, patterning, informational integrity and stability in the field of consciousness that informs an experience and reality with an overall sense of promise for further survival, peace and thriving. Thus, the encoded goal at every new evolutionary stage of consciousness and next threshold moment of exploring self-awareness is an increasingly enlightened understanding, expression and embodiment of the infinite potential, beauty, information and integrity of the cosmic field of consciousness as a whole. The eternally present experience of the entirety of the infinite field of spacetime to which the beauty of universally geometric structuring and the ever-evolving, self-organizing informational feedback system of consciousness are fundamental and inherent thereby constitutes the true and unified Self-identity and reality of All. In the infinity and eternity of all of existence, the only identity that one can and will ever encounter while moving about as individuated organisational expressions of this foundational field of spacetime is One-Self.
 Thus, the perceived divorce from a unified awareness of this foundational, infinite, holofractographic, all-encompassing, electromagnetic, crystalline space-grid of the universal spacetime continuum itself, which makes up the base of reality, is a symptom of mankind’s current evolutionary learning curve related to mastering new levels of self-awareness. Mankind’s accelerating discovery process reveals how its self-imposed and highly inadequate definition of itself as separate from all phenomena and appearances around it doesn’t match up with the infinitely entangled physical reality and potential of the cosmos. This discrepancy now reveals itself to the growing awareness of a critical mass of humanity. The disconnected self-definition has demonstrated itself to lead to countless limitations, self-alienation, life-opposed mindsets, behaviours and practices; an overall misunderstanding and forgetting about one’s true, nonlocal existence and all-encompassing consciousness phenomenon that one truly is. The expressions of this trajectory are starkly obvious everywhere in this world and in all areas of human life, attitude and its interactions with the biosphere, the Earth and beyond. Waking up to the evolutionary stimuli and pressures that this trajectory and learning curve of self-alienation has resulted in facilitates and further informs the strong need and urge to retrace and remember the universal singularity point of all connection at the very source level of existence; thereby integrating and unifying a fragmented self-experience, finding and remembering orientation and identity as a self-aware species that is coming to its higher senses and learning to anchor into the collective consciousness the frequencies of integrated awareness whose hallmarks are kindness, peace and compassion.
Everything and Every-One one encounters in this experience and that the limited, dualistic faculty of the mind tends to perceptually compartmentalise into separate entities and that it is conditioned to meet and define only by the level of its local physical boundary condition is in reality a reflection and expression of unified parts, fractals, spectral positions and precessional stages of the same, one, continuous, evolving, collective spacetime-field of Self that wants to be fully integrated in self-awareness by means of individuated experience. This remains true, no matter how easy or difficult, pleasant or unpleasant it feels to stay present to and to integrate the evolutionary reflection or stage of One-Self that one might be faced, graced or challenged with in a moment of the experience at hand.

In the holofractographic reality of the cosmos, one consciously or unconsciously chooses and attracts every current experience that one is presented with according to one’s own/local frequency of awareness. It is presented to oneself as informational feedback, an opportunity or challenge to develop one’s Self-awareness and further let go of the resistances and projections of Ego that block the flow of consciousness and that have added distance and distortions to the experience of the unified reality as it is. The purpose of every experience is to facilitate learning, integration and evolution. In the face of every reflection, one may practice to stay centred in one’s local presence of and identification with self-awareness, to the best of momentary ability, and to process the energy information at hand in order to move towards higher frequency of awareness and further resolution of inner and thereby outer conflict. This cultivation of consciousness then effortlessly informs the highest level of intuitive and mental intelligence, coherence,  congruence and resulting action possible at the given moment.
Every-One is playing their divine and critical role in the unfolding of the whole story.
Every One. Without exception. No matter how difficult it may be to drop judgement in the process of learning non-duality and evolving into levels of consciousness that anchor a unified awareness of all creation into the human species and its experience of itself and the entire cosmos .
If words in challenging confrontations with the world are needed, one may say: “I am a friend of your soul, and I am an enemy of your plan.”
All conceptual notions and intellectualisations regarding the science of consciousness and wheel works of the cosmos remain somewhat esoteric and vague to the true nowadays investigator of the mechanics of reality unless they are simplified, clarified and anchored through even deeper investigation and description by looking at them through the revolutionary lens of unified physics. This investigation and successful scientific description of the foundations of reality are not only critical to humanity’s survival and discerning of its path forward at this point on its evolutionary journey but they are indeed occurring and successfully happening at an unprecedented and revolutionary level. This facilitates the unlocking of immense and unprecedented reservoirs of human potential and is a promising sign and symptom that humanity may indeed have a real chance to successfully make use of the evolutionary quantum leap that presents itself to it as a possibility right now at this moment in history. More information about the emerging paradigm and explorations of unified science follow further below.






"When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong."

-   R. Buckminster Fuller   -

Truth is simple. Truth is beautiful.
Real beauty is a reliable guide in the midst of a world that is experiencing the turbulences of a major phase transition.
If an action or path doesn’t see, choose, protect, sustain, produce and result in beauty, it is not the true solution. Never.
This is obvious, yet even the most obvious can be forgotten and has been forgotten by humanity as part of its evolutionary learning trajectory to this point. Beauty is a hallmark of truth, and nothing less than truth and beauty have the power to inform the successful path forward.
Ignorance, naiveté and confusion can lead to deviation from innocence and from this most obvious and sacred law of discernment and can result in considerations, and justifications of ways that are far from the highest expression of beauty.  
Truth and beauty are no luxuries that may be sacrificed in the face of something purportedly more important. There is nothing more important than to follow truth and beauty. Beauty and truth are fundamental to the very structure of reality. They mean life, survival and thriving. Nature is beauty and truth, and even after the most drastic detours and deviations away from high levels of coherence, nature always re-informs itself to high levels of beauty and truth.
Self-destructive systems and behaviours lead away from truth and beauty. This is how the honest senses can easily and immediately detect and recognise the path, discern the way and correct the course.
Environmental destruction of the Earth’s biosphere by humanity, among many other symptoms, is a starkly obvious example of deviation from beauty and truth as part of mankind’s current cycle and learning curve of evolving its level of self-awareness and understanding to transcend former levels of limitation. The reaching of a critical threshold milieu where a major evolutionary paradigm shift and quantum leap can and need to occur that once and for all transcend the lower levels of consciousness of the former evolutionary phase with its egoic inertia, truth-suppressive dynamics and linear worldview paradigm is now given in the face of the mega-crisis. The transformation to a higher evolutionary level is now inevitable if the species wants to survive. This existential intensity of the situation and the resulting destabilisation of old structures and systems of an obsolete paradigm inevitably highlights the stark limitations and incoherences of the former worldview and collective level of awareness at a drastic level of clarity and creates a compelling window of opportunity for truth to surface and emerge, soar high, clear the view and reveal the remarkable, powerful and beautiful way of great potential forward that is already encoded for humanity and that has been waiting to be brought from pure potential to manifested realization for a long time. Humanity now finds itself at a critical window of opportunity where it can use the momentum at hand to overcome the gravity of its former evolutionary phase, revolutionise its level of consciousness and move from a disconnected linear worldview into a unified understanding and embodiment of the cosmos that comes with letting go of former limitation and moving into the beautiful expression of a self-aware universal species with real response-ability.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

-   Nikola Tesla   -

No matter what limiting narratives and manipulative stories are being offered
 by expressions and representations of the collective human Ego and that are trying to confuse, limit and suppress, trick the masses into vortexes of fear and threat narratives, intimidate with false flag operations, attempt to crush human intuition, inner knowing, ancient memory and creative imagination. Just know one thing:
You are not alone. And you never were.
Everything that the human species needs in order to thrive is already here and has been here for a long time; and is waiting for mankind to show its readiness and seize the opportunity.
The limiting levels of awareness that have been dominating the human species for the past thousands of years, that resulted in the illusions of scarcity and separation, an upside-down and limited worldview paradigm as well as an incomplete understanding of the nature of reality and the physics of the universe made much of society stay in a perpetual state of low integrity, continuous struggle and conflict. One stark symptom of this state of being is mankind’s cannibalisation of the very biosphere that it finds itself being a part of. Much of the world’s systems are still deeply invested in and attached to these negative programs of lower levels of self-awareness which has created evolutionary inertia and made it difficult for truth and the real solutions to surface and become known. It is crucial to understand that the life-opposed practices and the forceful extraction of resources from the biosphere by humans in the ways that can be seen everywhere on Earth is not necessary at all. There is a simple, elegant and beautiful way to access infinite amounts of energy and resources through learning to fundamentally interact with the foundational nexus of spacetime itself and master gravity. There is technology that operates in perfect resonance and harmony with nature and the mechanics of the universe. This is not just an idea or nice story of a distant utopia or vague possibility. It is a reality that humanity can choose and will choose if it considers itself ready and worthy to transcend former limitation. This technology does not reveal itself from within the old paradigm that has brought forth the systems and technological expressions which fill most of the world today.

Stay open-minded and humble in the process of learning and discovery and consider that you might need to let go of,  modify and complement previously acquired knowledge and fundamental assumptions about everything. Consider the possibility that you have unwittingly bought into more limiting beliefs and stories than you might think and that much more of this world is deeply permeated and blindly running on these limiting beliefs and assumptions than you would consider possible. Try to imagine a paradigm shift so profound that it changes all areas and ways of human life and its interactions with the Earth and the universe as a whole. Try to imagine a time when mankind started using fire and try to feel into the implications. Try to imagine the time when it was considered and even “proven” impossible to fly and then humans started flying and building planes. Try to feel into the implications of when humans started mastering electromagnetic fields and how vastly this has impacted the world to this very day. Now imagine a change that is way more profound and impactful than all these evolutionary moments and stages combined and that marks the moment where humanity, in its logarithmic awakening process, can come full circle and reintegrate itself into the definition of nature with newly won awareness that can now be reinvested into the process of ascension through liberating its own species from the illusory confinements of a limited paradigm of resource scarcity, competition, conflict and division. This step in awareness expresses itself in a fully sustainable and resonant manner to technologically interact with spacetime in a way that reflects the true infinite and abundant potential of a self-aware universal species that has understood the simple yet powerful and beautiful foundational dynamics and truth of nature, that can create a world of abundance and then fully turn from a state of struggle and survival to the purpose of being, exploring the universe and infinitely evolving the quality of its state of awareness with unprecedented freedom and response-ability. You may vaguely compare the magnitude of the paradigm shift at hand to the moment in history when humanity shifted from thinking that the Earth is the center of the solar system to learning that the sun is in fact at the center of this local system. Yet, even that comparison can’t do justice to the true magnitude of the current evolutionary threshold moment and opportunity at hand which is still unknown to a majority of people. This change is not in the distant future but humanity finds itself right in the middle of it and at the cusp of opening up to this new paradigm and encoded potential of its collective dream that can inform a world from which it will look back and smile at the thought that humans of the past were thinking that anything less or else than this expression, beauty and ease of greater potential could be the truth about the path forward.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

-   Albert Einstein   -

There is great active and passive resistance to this transformation which are natural expressions of the transition from one level of awareness and potential to the next. Human history has shown this pattern in times of change and in the face of groundbreaking discoveries again and again. Real open-mindedness and an interest in truth are necessary to actively partake in the beauty of the imminent opportunity and to sense and recognise what is truly possible and necessary at this point.
Although the paradigm shift at hand also increasingly dawns on and trickles into the old, established and now crumbling societal, economic, political, educational, cultural, scientific and technological systems, structures and institutions of this world, these established expressions of the world tend to naturally and understandably represent the greatest resistance and inertia to a profound shift. Those who are looking for signs within the old, still widely respected systems and are trying to convince and inform themselves of this paradigm shift within this landscape of rigid structures, institutions, universities and political systems will have a hard time finding compelling signs and information there. A much broader view is often required to encounter the promise of the future at the time of its dawning. The increasing crumbling of those old and established authorities and institutions can sometimes be seen as the only and biggest one of those signs coming from within those very structures; which announces and signals that profound change is imminent. However, looking for the new paradigm, the most powerful change, true innovation and groundbreaking solutions among the ranks of those common structures and institutions often turns out as disappointing as expecting to find the blueprint of a rainforest in a desert environment.
The accumulated reputation, investment, pride and hybris of highly established institutions and reinforced systems (as is e.g. common in academia and in universities that the majority of the public are still conditioned to trust as authorities, ‘bringers of truth’ and the gold standard of knowledge and progress) can become a limitation in such moments of very profound change where humbleness and courage to fundamentally modify former views and to see the new path ahead is required. It can be very difficult for such expressions of a past paradigm to admit limitations and mistakes in their assumptions and worldview because of the deep investment into them, where entire careers and institutions were built upon those views and ways and and that now require adjustment and transformation. In replacement for true self-responsibility, practice of personal intuition and ability to discern truth, the majority of the public tends to still seek orientation and be entranced by the reputational glamour and influence of the scientific and political establishment as well as by much of the information that is coming out of it. As placeholders, expressions, representations and epicentres of primarily the old worldview and paradigm that is now being challenged and transformed, these established expressions, by definition, are the most deeply invested into the ways, ideas and patterns of the old worldview and can only generate limited levels of innovation. These entrenched ways of thinking and operating have become an inert part of the identity of these systems and institutions over long periods of time. Thus they have the strongest and most rigid attachment to them and, through deep identification and conditioning with those views and patterns, often require the longest to reach a level of open-mindedness that allows for new perspectives to enter and for the admittance of past mistakes and the incompleteness of the paradigm that was deeply invested into.
It is therefore inadequate to expect the most revolutionary and powerful change to come out of the ranks of these expressions of the world. Instead, the open-mindedness, cultivation of higher levels of self-awareness, sharp intuition and discernment are required in awake individuals of a growing critical mass of humanity to detect, intuit and collect the powerful pieces of the puzzle and put them together to create and inform the new picture. Those pieces of the puzzle are sets of information, agents, signals and all sorts of sources of inspiration which unlock and seed the new paradigm and resonate at the level of the emerging state of collective consciousness, the greater potential at hand, and that have the power to inform and create the real path forward in alignment with truth and beauty.
Thus it is helpful to remember that great changes and discoveries tend to be resisted at first by the majority. In the process of paradigm shifts, compassion and patience are required with individuals, systems and institutions in the world that may not yet be ready to open up to a new paradigm, accept change, see things differently and aren’t yet able to see what is dawning on the event horizon. Some paths and roles may not even be made to wake up and cross the threshold at all, and that is okay too, since every one is on their unique evolutionary path, position in and learning journey through this world.
Everything is already here and waiting to be seen, found and recognised by growing fractions of humanity who see the signs and feel compelled to passionately follow the calling and surf this breaking wave of transformation and potential. Questioning the world, seeking truth and exploring for oneself, unveiling, remembering, integrating, developing, living and sharing the information as well as putting the pieces of the puzzle together, supporting and endorsing the beauty and truth that is emerging means to actively participate in the birthing of the connected worldview and manifesting the beautiful possibilities that it implies.

      “It's clearly a crisis of two things: of consciousness and conditioning. We have the technological power, the engineering skills to save our planet, to cure disease, to feed the hungry, to end war; But we lack the intellectual vision, the ability to change our minds. We must decondition ourselves from 10,000 years of bad behavior. And, it's not easy.”    

     -   Terence McKenna   -  

In summary: The emerging level of consciousness in mankind comes with the emergence of a matching connected worldview and unified scientific paradigm of higher potential that informs more coherent behavioural patterns, societal, economic, political, scientific and technological systems, structures and applications that are in resonance with the fundamental natural wheel works of the universe. The reality of the foundational mechanics of the cosmos is far from concepts of linearity, separation or scarcity. On the contrary. Unified science shows and reveals clearly that infinite holofractographic interconnectedness and non-local entanglement of the entire spacetime structure as well as infinite energy abundance are actually the foundational nature of the cosmos. This profound shift into and alignment with a unified and connected paradigm of higher awareness also changes the way the human species sees and recontextualises itself, individually as well as collectively, as sovereign and universal beings in deeply entangled interaction with a magnificent unified cosmic reality. It expands humanity’s understanding of its place, potential and role in the universe and redefines its relationship to the whole system and all life in it.
Most importantly, the paradigm shift at hand informs a new engineering path that transcends the limitations and linear illusions of separation and scarcity of the former disconnected worldview and scientific paradigm which have been predominant in the expressions of this world for a long time. This new engineering path, based on unified science, lies beyond the commonly suggested and promoted “sustainable” technological “solutions” for energy generation, resource extraction, health, agriculture, mobility and space travel that are coming out of the common institutional and corporate structures. Oftentimes these structures are still operating within the confinements and limitations of the old fragmented scientific and technological paradigm and do not offer truly innovative solutions at the level required to meet the world and humanity where it is at in terms of its real needs and possibilities. Those “solutions” that are still based on a disconnected worldview often do not have the power to truly liberate humanity from its current limitations and to inform the path forward at the level of depth, beauty and power that is required to meet the demand of the true potential.
The emerging scientific model of  Unified Physics however, mirroring the new emerging state of human awareness, successfully explains and unifies all unsolved and long-standing discrepancies, conflicts and riddles of modern physics and fragmentations of other scientific disciplines and directly leads to perfectly sustainable and limitless energy extraction from the metric of spacetime itself as well as to gravity control, among many other groundbreaking innovations that solve some of the biggest challenges that humanity faces today. It is the expression of a major historic paradigm shift that is making its way into the world at a rapid pace. The applications and implications that emerge with the deeper understanding of the beautiful wholeness and foundation of creation through Unified Science to all areas of life are profound and highly transformative. They present the real and balanced, benevolent, life-honouring, life-supporting, life-enhancing and holistic response to the imminent threshold in human evolution and are aligned with the truth, beauty and integrity of the universal wheel works of nature.
These technologies are not only possible but a reality, and it is now a sole function of further collective awakening, logarithmic growth of personal empowerment, individual education, distribution and sharing of information, public endorsement as well as redirection of financial interest and means in the world to melt the remaining resistance in consciousness and within the correlated expressions of the inert power-and-control systems in this world to make this collective quantum leap the story of humanity’s current evolutionary path.
The Earth’s phase transition at hand and humanity’s opportunity to align with this inflection point in order to move into its higher potential not only informs a trajectory of becoming a peaceful civilisation, restore the Earth’s biosphere and transform the world into an abundant, enjoyable, beautiful and healthy place, but it also comes with humanity embarking on the adventure of becoming a space-faring civilization and joining the galactic community.  

Use your imagination for a moment in order to consider that other self-aware civilisations in the cosmos may have evolved past lower states of consciousness, transcended the illusion of scarcity and separation and that their technology might reflect this higher level of awareness, insight and understanding. Consider that for such civilisations it may be natural to have mastered gravity control and a 100 % sustainable way of infinite energy extraction through direct tapping into the omnipresent quantum-field-gradient-potential of space-time itself for a long time.  At that evolutionary stage, the consciousness level and resulting technology of a civilisation would operate in coherence and harmonic resonance with the fundamental mechanics of the universe, and the limitations leading to self-destructive behaviour trajectories will have been transcended. Deep enough insight into the mechanics of spacetime in order to master gravity and tap into the infinite energy abundance of the quantum field is a direct function of a level of consciousness that transcends the limited paradigm of duality and enters into a frequency of self-awareness that correlates to states of oneness and peace.
Mankind is now getting to the point where it is ready to remember and rediscover the truth that it was never alone in the universe and that other civilisations have been visiting and interacting with this planet since time immemorial. Countless beautiful records from ancient cultures, indigenous peoples and modern times harbour clear and unmistakable evidence of the presence, visitations and interactions of these other star peoples and universal civilisations with the Earth and speak to the reality of our connectedness to the cosmos. These records have been patiently waiting for humanity at large to start listening, seeing, recontextualising information and unearthing its real history from the vantage point of a higher level of self-awareness and to awaken enough in order to realise its true potential of nothing less than joining the galactic and universal family as a peaceful species.
Humankind now has the possibility of making this quantum leap in consciousness, enter into resonance with the biosphere and the greater universe and develop resonance technology to move from a state of adolescence into adulthood. It is right at the cusp of being ready to publicly discover, unveil, collectively support, develop, endorse and distribute these types of technology and to start transforming its civilisation in a way that reflects its higher potential and destiny. These solutions are an expression of a new level of self-awareness in the human species and key to mankind’s survival, evolution and thriving as they harmonise its relationship to its home planet long-term and bring an end to cycles of self-destruction.
This particular time is an inflection point and short window of opportunity for mankind to align itself with the Earth and the physics of the universe on a new level. If this opportunity is recognised and seized, humankind will transform in in-carnation, survive, truly thrive and also birth itself into a space-faring civilisation. If not, the planet will disappear mankind and reset this human civilzation at large, and the collective informational existence and record of the human species in the field of consciousness will undergo further learning and evolutionary processing outside of incarnation through the transformative event of a collective death moment; in resemblance to past iterations of such cyclical extinction experiences and world cataclysms. The Earth will be fine either way. It neither requires saving nor protection from the human species to survive and thrive. It is very powerful and has the capacity to create and regenerate a biosphere over and over again. The question instead is if humankind now embraces its self-growth and takes care of itself, if it is ready to let go of the limiting hybris of lower levels of self-awareness,  moves into greater potential and grows into its responsibility = its ability to respond. The question is if a small but critical mass of mankind at a certain level of consciousness and with a logarithmic impact onto the collective field of human awareness is awake enough in time and operates in enough coherence and unity to recognise the beautiful possibility that it is and take action to save and further empower itself through mobilising its free will for the realisation of humanity’s greater potential. One symptom of a successful transformation would be the prioritisation of freedom and peace as well as seeing humanity taking care of the living biospheric systems that it is a part of. Another symptom is making the choice for and endorsing the new engineering path that is informed by the emerging connected scientific paradigm in perfect resonance with nature and rooted in a unified understanding of consciousness and reality as a whole.

To be clear: Resonance technology with vaccum engineering capabilities and zero-point energy extraction is real and has been around for a while, However, the collective state of awareness and the correllated scientific establishment haven't been ready yet, up to this point, to sufficiently overcome the passive and active inertia/ resistance of the old worldview paradigm and its deeply invested interests in the status quo in order to widely receive and understand the information, open up to its reality and embrace its deeply transformative, liberating abundance. A certain level of self-awareness, and correlated to that, an adequate, deep-enough and coherent framework of understanding through the lens of a unified worldview through which to truly recognize, hold, back up, see and appreciate the vast, untapped potential as well as its profound possibilities and implications of the path that it informs can be seen to have been required to emerge first. These possibilities and implications directly reflect humanity's imminent evolutionary potential to become a peaceful, harmonious and space-faring civilization in the very near future; a civilization that is ready to embrace a reality of peace and abundance and embark on the beautiful path forward that this level of potential naturally reveals and informs. Thus, by the moment that a critical mass of collective consciousness has risen to the necessary level of awareness, information and responsibility where it coherently resonates at the frequency and potential of these discoveries and innovations, does the window of opportunity fully open up for humanity to overcome past inertia with enough momentum of truth; to see the paradigm shift happening and its beautiful expressions, encoded solutions and applications surface everywhere, get embraced and recognized, widely established, fully unfolded and supported, so that their power can transform the external world. 

All that being said, it is good to remember that the external technological applications alone are not the whole and primary story to the solution. The rising in self-awareness of a small but logarithmically effective and consciously evolving mass of mankind is required and critical to stir and guide the collective quantum-entangled field of mankind into a higher level of consciousness and coherence. This change and moment of readiness is then increasingly reflected in the ability for human society to successfully receive and get familiar with the new worldview information and its empowering possibilities and implications for the individual as much as the collective as a whole. These next-level solutions and technologies of freedom, ease and limitless abundance can then be activey endorsed, chosen and supported by more and more people which is critical in further developing and fully releasing them out onto the event horizon of this world. This involves true and embodied responsibility and willingness to serve the benefit of all. Only through this actively passionate and increasing civilian engagement of society at large in this shift can the unifying power of truth gain enough momentum to melt and neutralize the resistance, inertia, force-and-control structures, negativity and self-destructive timeline trajectory of a world that is still steeped and entangled in the manifestations of a limited worldview paradigm that now needs to be transcended to meet mankind's waking higher potential in resonance with the processes of the greater cosmic context . Thereby, the emerging level of human self-discovery and self-mastery through inner transformation then finds expression in a powerful and abundant transformation of the outer world through these practical solutions. Those, again in return, stimulate, support and positively feed back into the exponential process of the expansion and evolution of personal and collective awareness. Thus, the emerging solutions continue to effectively inform, inspire and further encourage mankind to consciously and actively participate in the evolutionary cycles and fundamental cosmic purpose of endless learning, exploration, expansion, evolution and unfoldment of ever greater potential by means of the universal self-sustainable informational feedforward-feedback mechanism of reality. A direct consequence for humanity, in case of successful navigation, survival and mastery of this major evolutionary threshold moment at hand, is the prospect of entering a highly promising timeline trajectory of peace, abundance, unified thriving, freedom, personal and collective sovereignty as well as the ending to competition, struggle and the destruction of Earth's biosphere. Instead a natural restoration of the living systems of the planet can occur, a truly beautiful, clean, healthy and sustainable civilization emerge and mankind may enjoy reaching for the stars in peace to join and reconnect with its galactic and universal family.

If you wish to learn and understand more about this profound paradigm-shift occuring at this critical point in history; a paradigm shift which opens up remarkable layers of self-discovery for humanity and which successfully accomplishes to re-include mankind into its definition of nature; which offers real and imminent solutions that can finally bring the current human species into a coherent relationship with the Earth and the whole universe at a whole new level of realized potential; and if you wish to learn about the connected worldview that informs a deep understanding of the fundamental mechanics of the universe, unifies science, successfully explains the infinite interconnectedness of everything and informs a beautiful engineering path of unlimited possibility; and last but not least, if you wish to access a new level of understanding about yourself and your place in the universe, please consider taking the free course at the Resonance Science Foundation:

Stay present and awake, open-minded, follow your passions, practice discernment, explore deeply, dream big and perhaps find out for yourself that much more is in fact possible and real than you previously thought.